Hi!! I’m so glad you found your way to my blog. If you’re here, you’re probably

  • my brother or
  • my sister or
  • a blogger friend who wants to follow my blogging journey after Bookraptured or
  • someone who randomly googled something and was led to this site by Google
  • a book lover
  • a world wanderer and dreamer like me
  • a w e s o m e

I’m Tessi. Gryffindor. Book hoarder. Piano ballerina. Lover of all things beautiful.

This is my venture back into the book blogging world.

Cosmic Book Love is not the same as Bookraptured. Like the rating system. That’s something that bothered me on my old blog because I feel like my thoughts on a book were narrowed down to a maximum of five stars. So, instead of stars, I’m going to rate books in percentages now. Also, I hope I’ll be able to share some stories and photos of my daily life or trips to new places. Okay? Okay.

Cosmic Book Love is an experiment and a love story about books. I hope you’ll follow me.




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