Leaving the Book Blogging World For Good?

I love books, and I love reading. I’ve been reading since first grade — my mum took me to our local library, signed me up for a library card and the rest is history. Now, a decade later, I’m still in love with books and — that’s what I didn’t expect — I feel more passionate about books than ever.

That’s me. Looking at something that isn’t the book stack.

A few weeks ago I tried to do bookstagram (@bookrapt) again and it was surprisingly so much fun! A lot of friends that I used to have over there (and also on twitter) were suddenly gone. Phew. No longer active. It’s like they never existed. I realised that I’m probably not the only one who hasn’t been active in a long time. But what I didn’t expect was that I would suddenly made so many new friends also! I feel like the book blogging world has changed since 2016 (the last time I signed in to my bookstagram account). It’s a little bit more spontaneous if that makes any sense? Literally everyone who has a phone and a book can upload a photo over there and quickly connect with other people.

Maybe it’s because that now in the madness, I finally have more time to pursue my interests and passions again. Time is so valuable and every day is a gift (they say). I love this thought, and I love the idea of re-entering the blogging world. Maybe I’ll do it differently this time. Maybe it’ll be more than books only. Maybe I’ll show you a little bit more of my life this time. Or maybe this will be the last post I ever wrote on this blog (just kidding, I have a cool announcement tomorrow!). Either way, I’m so excited to connect with people in the bookbloggingsphere again.

Have you felt this sort of frustration before? How long have you been book blogging? Please share your thoughts, I’d love to hear yours.

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