I Have Coronavirus (Very Possibly).

Hi lovelies,

Yes, you read it correctly. There’s no way to sweet-talk out of it — I’m a possibly corona virus-positive person. I know, we are all possibly corona positive, but I know for a fact I was very likely infected.

I’m a very hygiene-conscious person. My hands look like old parchment because the regenerating skills of my skin cells can’t keep up with the amount of soap and hand sanitizer I use all the time (I’m a medical student so there’s that). I stick with the general rules: Don’t go out, wash your hands, don’t touch your face. At the time I (possibly) contracted coronavirus, I wasn’t working and I didn’t leave the house except the garden (not even for grocery shopping).

My downfall was the weekend. You see, my mum is a nurse, and she knows how badly medical staff is needed right now (and she loves her work). She was on sick leave the weeks before (she had the flu, just like most people around that time who paid a visit to the doctor in case you’re wondering), and once she felt fit enough to work again, she immediately returned to work. Hospitals are hopelessly understaffed right now. She did all her shifts and even took up additional ones because someone has to take care of the sick.
On Wednesday morning, she received news that one of the consultants she was closely working with had contracted corona. That means she might’ve run around with coronavirus in her body for 5 days (she had returned to work on Saturday, hence 5 days already; and no, she didn’t go to other places except the hospital and our home). She wasn’t the only person from the medical staff being infected though, there were at least 2 other people in her ward that had contracted the virus too.
Us at home on the other hand, we were in constant contact with her before we even knew she had corona. We always have dinner together, we do the laundry together, yadda-yadda-yadda, and most importantly, we talk. A lot. So when her test results came in positive a day later, we knew we were probably all positive too. According to the official guidelines in Germany, people who were in physical contact with verifiably corona positive people, are required to take a corona test. I fit right into the category, right? That’s what I thought too…. until my mum called the health authorities and they told her that as long as we’re not showing any symptoms, it wouldn’t be “necessary” to take a corona test. If you ask me, this is a completely economically-based decision. Obviously I have very mixed feelings. Period.

Quarantine, but at least with a view

In a nutshell: I probably have coronavirus, but I will also probably never know for sure because health authorities/the German government/a greater power are (basically) denying average citizens like me to take a test immediately if there are “no indications”. I know it’s even worse in other countries, but it’s also frustrating if you know it could be handled better.
My whole family is now in self-quarantine at home (even my mother who showed symptoms such as coughing, fever and pain in the limbs, isn’t staying at the hospital), and as long as we’re not showing any symptoms, that’s the place we will spend the next two weeks at.
We are good. We’re okay and I would even say we’re in a pretty privileged position because we have a big garden to hang out in and good friends who show kindness in these times and do the grocery shopping for us. But it’s frustrating to see there are decisions that are taken away from us for reasons out of or control.

Stay safe, people. Normally I’d finish this off by saying “Hug your loved ones tightly” but just take care, folks.