An Update on Coronavirus Life

Hi guys!

These past few days have been lovely! Spring has finally arrived in Germany and the weather outside is absolutely beautiful. Yesterday I saw the first bee in our garden (I have a childhood trauma from bees and wasps), and I think it’s also the season for ladybug mating because I see so many ladybugs these days!

Here is a little update on my current state. On Wednesday, I was finally tested on corona and the results came in…


Such a surprise! Before that, my brother was tested positive too, just like my mum, so it wasn’t much of a shocker at all. I finally decided it was about time to really get tested (if you didn’t read my previous post: The local health authorities didn’t want to test me and the rest of my family because we weren’t showing any symptoms on the grounds of “no medical indication”, which I highly doubt…) because uni starts in less than 2 weeks and I really had to know if I could “go back” by then (also I wanted to know if I could tell my children one day I was corona positive and that it was so bad and everything).

Anyways, the day I was tested (Tuesday), I was without symptoms, but I think I might’ve developed some? The thing is, I never know if it’s coronavirus or just my pollen allergy. Take my headache for example, which I had the day after my test results came in: I still don’t know if it was from corona/sitting outside in the sun for too long/my pollen allergy/watching too much TV. My sinuses are constantly swollen because of my pollen allergy which would explain why I got a headache in the first place because there’s such a huge pressure in my face area. It could also explain why I’m also slowly losing my senses of taste and smell because my nose is constantly stuffed-up. For example, I wasn’t able to taste/smell ginger today which my dad added into our meals. It’s so weird! Apparently, the coronavirus is able to affect the taste buds which is really fascinating. I asked my brother (who has definitely developed these symptoms) how he felt about it and he said, “I feel great about it! Now I never have to worry about opening the windows to air my room!” I love his way of thinking.

This was a super short summary of how I’ve been feeling lately. I’m currently reading War and Peace (when I picked up the book 4 weeks ago, I was joking that I only read it because I was hoping that by the time I finished it, this whole madness might be over but turns out the joke was on me) and I’m loving this book so much. It connects to my soul in a way I didn’t expect, even though I was never a big classics reader and I don’t find it necessarily easy to connect with them either. Also I started reading Serpent and Dove (so far I think this book is totally overhyped) as well as Yes No Maybe So (funny story: I totally forgot I received an arc of the book last year (I’m so sorry Balzer+Bray) and I actually had to have it resent to me from my uni flat. Yeah I suck).

I hope your week has been treating you well!

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