How the Soshelf Distancing Club Came Rolling Around.

A few weeks ago, social distancing started. My introverted side couldn’t have felt more excited because not going out suddenly became legit, and I didn’t have to come up with excuses of why I preferred staying at home over going out with friends. It was so cool. I started reading again (I never stopped fyi but I didn’t feel guilty about neglecting stuff for uni anymore either.) The German government announced that the new semester would be postponed for two weeks to 20 April. Yay!!!

What I didn’t expect however was that my social side would have this sudden feelings of a person who unexpectantly wins the lottery — an overwhelming fortune that you don’t know how to deal with. I got bored. I read more books (I’m currently reading War and Peace with hopes that by the time I finish, this madness may be over (I’m currently on page 400/1500)). I signed in on twitter after a year of ignoring it. And I tweeted the following:

Please mind the fact that I’ve never been in an online book club. I only wrote it so it wouldn’t be too awkward to say ‘I WANT TO START AN ONLINE BOOK CLUB’. Basically I lied.

Can you see it? I catfished people into thinking I had some experience in doing online book clubs. I don’t. I’ve never even been part of any type of book club, except for one or two readalongs online, which I found to be super stressful to keep up with though — you usually follow a certain thread and hope that someone hasn’t written down your exact thoughts yet OR the thought of writing everything down you want to say scares you so much, you don’t bother writing anything at all. So, I only wanted people to see my tweet so they could invite me to their book clubs hehe. In-person book clubs, if possible. I basically lied to self-invite myself to book clubs. And suddenly, this happened:

Claire @clairefies replied and said she was excited about this idea too! I wasn’t sure what to do with this new piece of information. Could she possibly love the idea of doing live online book club meetings too? As in doing book discussions on Zoom? Would she be willing to team up with me to do a book club? So I nervously DM’ed her and her answer was…YES. Yes, she was feeling my vibes, my vision, my longing to get super bookish in times of corona, yes! Flash forward almost a week later and…

The Soshelf Distancing Book Club was born! And it was even more exciting to see that people around the world were keen on this project too because we had people sign up from places I have never even heard of! Also I don’t know if you noticed but we purposefully named our book club “Soshelf Distancing” because it’s a pun on “Social Distancing”….Yes?

We will have our first meeting on Zoom next Sunday. I won’t know a single person except for Claire (whom I basically only just met too, but we immediately hit it off!) but I’m so happy nonetheless. Yes No Maybe So by Becky Albertalli and Aisha Saeed will be the first pick of our book club (it was so funny when we were brainstorming on which books to put up for voting because oftentimes we only knew the cover but not the title) and I’m stoked about the idea that we might create a small vibrant community where everyone can share his bookish thoughts. It was quite the struggle to even find a right time to set up a first meeting because we all live in such different time zones! But it’s a thing and I can’t wait to see this project rolling.

Thank you so much for reading my post! Have you ever participated in some sort of book club? How did you like it?

Leaving the Book Blogging World For Good?

The other day I startled awake and I realised…we’re in our second week of social distancing. I haven’t been on my blog in an entire year. I wasn’t feeling very much like book blogging after years of trying to really do it, being only ‘semi-successful’ and never really finding my own voice. I was trying to find ways to engage with fellow book bloggers and authors but it never felt complete. You get what I mean? I felt like I was posting stuff that everybody was doing anyway — reviews, small opinion pieces (basically repeating other people’s opinions etc). I imagine that for an average blog reader, visiting all the book blogs must be like going to an all-you-can-eat restaurant — the thought of it is really exciting, but after your third visit to one of those restaurants you realise that although they all have different names, most all-you-can-eat restaurant offer a very similar taste in their food.

Then, I also started thinking. How do I even define ‘success’ in the book blogging world? Is it the number of followers? Is it the number of reviews? Is it coming up with creative ideas for new posts? Is it the number of review copies you receive from the publishers? I know, this idea is super shallow. And the answer is always ‘it’s a mix of everything’. But it also hurts a little bit to think that you pour so much time into a post and it receives…exactly zero attention. Okay, that was a bad example. Maybe 3 or 4 people will care enough to read your post, but that’s it. I feel like in nowaday’s world, we want everything to be quick. Quick likes, quick shares, quick articles. If you even bothered to read that far, I thank you very much. Anyways.

Favorite Reads of 2014

We’re coming closer to the end of 2014 so I thought I’d share my reading highlights of this year. I read about 50 books in 2014, and considering the fact that I was extremely busy this year because of school I’d say that’s a pretty okay number. Beside that, 2014 was definitely one of the most exciting reading years of my life since I created this book blog, and I feel fairly blessed having met so many new authors and fellow bloggers! Blogging has absolutely shaped my way of “judging” a book, especially in the way they make me feel. Anyway, while you’re here, don’t forget to share your personal favorites of 2014!

Btw, all books are shown in a random order. Also, click on the cover to be redirected to my review (if available).


Pieces of Olivia is, hands down, one of the best New Adult books I’ve ever read, if not even the best one. It’s a book filled with emotions from the beginning to the end; it’s like Melissa West put the best parts of NA into one book, yet creating something more beautiful, unique. I didn’t expect Olivia’s story to be so deep, profound and unbelievably moving –I fell hard for West’s touching writing. Also, I had so much fun re-discovering my passion for the genre again since it doesn’t follow the usual, very predictable NA plot scheme; quite the contrary it re-ignited my passion for NA books again. Thank you, Melissa West, for writing such an amazing book!


Just another book about cancer again, you might think? Well, not this one. I can’t say how many times I burst into tears while I read Heart Shaped Rock, and Laura Roppe is a pro in depicting the ups and downs of when being faced with the aftermath of cancer. Seize the day. That’s what the book is about, complemented by a very lyrical and surprisingly strong writing style.

Stunde der Lilie

If you happen to be a German-speaking reader, GO AND READ THIS BOOK. Seriously. Die Stunde der Lilie is set in 17th-century-France (Louis XIV plays a minor role in the book) so as a history geek and a frankophile I was instantly sold. There’s so much wit and sarcasm in this book, I think I almost pissed myself laughing. Sandra Regnier is a German YA author you should definitely look out for!


This book is one of the few adult books I read this year, and although being a little sceptical towards the story at first, it quickly grew close to my heart. Paullina Simons’s writing is lyrical, simple, complex, I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E.! The story is gut-wrenching, gives you the feels, makes you realize how much beauty in a single book can be. My heart broke for Tatiana and Alexander who – due to WW2 – somehow always lose sight of each other but always find their ways back. Definitely a must-read. Epic love story.


I’m gonna admit this: I really didn’t expect to love this book. I mean, the plot sounded pretty decent and the premise didn’t sound too bad either, and I was in need of an action-packed book. But guess what? Exctraction was about so much more. Friendship. Failure. Betrayal. Hope. I fell in love with Diaz’s evil genius brain writing. The book is, hands down, one of the best dystopias literature has to offer.


I’ve never been a big fan of High Fantasy but Sara Larson showed me once again how wrong I can be sometimes. Not only is Defy about magic, Larson herself created some kind of magic with this book, the way I emotionally responded to the story. I laughed, I cried, I suffered with Alexa together — in a nutshell, it was an unforgettable reading experience.


I really hoped I’d end up liking this book but NO, I’m in LOVE with it! I was a little bit suspicious at the beginning though, since there was so much hype about it. Anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever met a heroine in literature as stubborn and strong-willed as Kestrel, and I’ve hardly ever encountered a writing style as unique as Rutkoski’s. Just read this book. You won’t regret it.SweetReckoning

…is one of the most awesome conclusions to a trilogy that has ever existed in the YA universe. Wendy Higgins has definitely outdone herself with this book — there was simply so much love in it; seeing the dynamics among the characters felt like a treat. It also, however, felt unreal to say goodbye to the characters in the series so I’m glad there’ll be another book published in this series next year (I guess?) but which will be from Kaidan’s POV!

Happy Holidays!

I know I’ve been MIA for like months, but I was crazy studying for the last exams this year (it won’t get better until spring 2015 guys) and I feel seriously drained now. I mean, in Germany we’ve got two written exams for each and every single subject per semester, so my brain was basically like this:

It didn't explode, thank you very much for asking, but it gave off clouds of smoke I swear (kind of).

It didn’t explode, thank you very much for asking, but it gave off clouds of smoke I swear (kind of).

Anyway, in Germany we already celebrate Christmas today, i.e. on Christmas Eve, so I wanted to avail myself of the opportunity to wish everyone of you out there a very happy Christmas! It feels a little bit surreal, though, especially since it hasn’t started snowing in Germany yet (you can’t really call 2cm sleet snow). It didn’t stop my mom from decorating our house though.CreepyFireplaceDo you see that creepy Santa? He scared the hell out of me when I saw him for the first time — I mean, he’s got that creepy Annabelle look!!
Also, I can’t say to how many Christmas markets I’ve already been to this year — Germany is going crazy!!!! On the bright side, they definitely raise my anticipation for Christmas Eve dinner (if you happen to follow me on Instagram, be prepared to be spammed!!).

Anyway, have an amazing Christmas time and enjoy your time with your family and friends!

(And now please excuse me while I continue to sing German Christmas carols.)

Giveaway extravaganza (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU) | Gewinnspiel XXL (DANKE DANKE DANKE)


** Für meine deutschsprachigen Leser: Scrollt weiter nach unten, um zum deutschen Teil zu kommen & noch tollere Preise zu gewinnen **

So, two weeks back I decided to check my blog stats again. I haven’t done this in a very long time since….well, I’m too lazy I guess. Before I even looked at my number of followers I was like “it’s okay if you’ve only gained 10 new followers since….well, I don’t know”. So I took a look. And it went like this:


And thendontFreakOut

And finally: OHMYGOD

MY BLOG HIT OVER 200 FOLLOWERS!!!!! Which is so freaking unbelivable for me!! Seriously, I’m over the moon!!! Never ever in my dream did I dare to that dream where I’d reach such a (more or less) big reader base one day. In fact, I would’ve screamed at you and told you to stop making fun of my blog if you’d said that to me 7 months earlier.

It’s been so much fun interacting with fellow bloggers, fellow fangirlish readers as well as authors and publishers. I really appreciate all of your support. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU TO EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU OUT THERE WHO HAS FOLLOWED MY PATH IN BOOK BLOGGING SO FAR! Anyways, I guess I have grown with the blog a little bit, too (when I read one of the very first reviews I ever wrote – facepalm) and I do believe that reviewing books has enhanced my way of reading as well. And on an even more serious note: It’s really really hard to survive in the book blogging world if you’re a newbie (I’m already seven months into book blogging but I still see myself as a newbie). There are hundreds of thousands of other book blogs out there and there were times where I actually just wanted to quit blogging and reviewing books since both things combined are really time consuming. But I made it. Which is why I’m celebrating with you.

FireworkI’d really like to say something really smart now and deliver some memomrable award acceptance speech now but nooooope,  justhappyBut there are actually two people I’d really like to give a special thanks:

  1. Yvo @ It’s All About Books
  2. Elli @ Wortmagieblog

Seriously, you two guys are awesome. Anyway, on to the best part of this post: The GIVEAWAY EXTRAVAGANZA (aka Gewinnspiel).

TangledUp for grabs: Bunches of books as well as signed swag by Lauren Kate, Amy Plum, Kasie West, Jennifer L. Armentrout, E. Lockhart and many more. YAY! Want some pictures? Here we go:


Just so you know: There are even more prizes zto win but I was too lazy to (1) write them down and (2) take pictures of them. There’ll be actually (10) (yes, you read it correctly) TEN winners. Anyway, just follow the link below and fill in the rafflecopter form to enter. Contest runs until September 18, 2014. Yes, open internationally of course.

→ a Rafflecopter giveaway ←


Ps: I’m also running a German giveaway further down, so if you happen to speak German or something, feel free to enter!

Banner (2)**DER DEUTSCHE TEIL **



Das Beste dabei? Ich will diesen Meilenstein auf legendärer Art feiern. Aber zunächst zur bewegenden Rede.AwardacceptanceIch weiß, dass dieser Meilenstein für Viele jetzt nicht soooooo besonders ist, aber für mich ist dieser Moment einfach surreal. Ich meine, ich kann nicht einmal glauben, dass mein Blog und ich es so lange durchgehalten haben (7 Monate!) — und ich bin insofern jedem einzelnen Leser, der mein Bücherblog bis jetzt egal wie mitverfolgt hat, dankbarEs gab so viele Momente in meiner bisherigen Bloggerkarriere, wo ich einfach die ganze Rezensiersache schmeißen wollte, weil es einfach so ein großer Arbeits- und Zeitaufwand ist, stets die Beiträge perfekt hinzukriegen, die passende Worte für eine Rezension zu finden und zwischendurch den Blog einfach ein Bisschen umzugestalten. Oh, und habe ich erwähnt, dass man schnell in der Bücherblog-Community untergeht? Weil es wirklich so ist. Es gibt bestimmt TAUSENDE von Blogs, die sich nur um Bücher drehen, und angesichts der Tatsache, dass Bücherblogs jetzt auch nicht die neueste Erfindungen sind, ist es einfach ein Fakt, dass man ständig aktiv an seinem eigenen Blog arbeiten muss, um ihn irgendwie herausstechend oder besonders zu machen.

Es gibt im Nachhinein natürlich ein paar Sachen, die ich zu Beginn des Bloggens anders gemacht hätte. So gibt es diverse Rezensionen, wo ich echt über meine eigene Ausdrucksweise schmunzeln muss; die allerersten Designs von {Bookraptured} waren einfach – ähm – richtig kitschig und allgemein zu unstrukturiert. Egal. Was zählt ist das Jetzt, weshalb ich nun zum Hauptthema und besten Teil dieses Posts komme…..das Gewinnspiel. WUUUHUUUU!!


Ich habe nicht gelogen, als ich gesagt habe, dass ich ein großes Dankeschön-Gewinnspiel veranstalten werde. Das Gewinnspiel wird in die Geschichte der epischsten Gewinnspiele eingehen!! Seht selber die Preise:

20140324-183020.jpgJLA package Der Hauptpreis Haha, es gibt direkt ganze Bücherpakete zu gewinnen!

  • 1 Person wird die komplette Engelnachts-Reihe von Lauren Kate, bestehend aus Engelsnacht, Engelsmorgen, Engelsflammen & Engelslicht, gewinnen
  • 1 Gewinner erhält Obsidian + Wait For You + die ersten beiden Bücher der Dämonentochter-Reihe (Verbotener Kuss & Verlockende Angst) von Jennifer Armentrout erhalten (alle signiert)
  • 1 Person wird Obsidian + Wait For You Jennifer Armentrout (beide signiert) gewinnen
  • 1 Person wird Engelsmorgen von Lauren Kate gewinnen
  • 1 Gewinner erhält Engelslicht + das Hörbuch von Engelsmorgen von Lauren Kate
  • 2 Gewinner erhalten Wait For You von Jennifer Armentrout (signiert)
  • 2 Gewinner erhalten ein Buch ihrer Wahl bis zu einem Wert von 15€

Es wird insgesamt also ungefähr 9 Gewinner geben (Pi mal Daumen). Wenn es genug Teilnehmer und Interessenten gibt, werde ich noch mehr Bücher in den Lostopf reinschmeißen!

Nun zur Frage des Abends: Was müsst ihr tun, um im Lostopf zu landen?

Das einzige, was ihr machen müsst, um in den Lostopf zu kommen, ist, ein Follower auf diesem Blog zu sein — entweder mit WordPress, per Email oder mit Bloglovin (dies ist ein “Follower-Dankbarkeits-Gewinnspiel”, falls ihr versteht was ich meine, aber ich werde bald auch Gewinnspiele für alle machen ☺)

Aber WARTET, es gibt noch mehr Möglichkeiten, zusätzliche Punkte für den Lostopf zu bekommen:

  • Like meine Facebook-Seite (+1 Punkt)
  • Folge mir auf Twitter (@bookrapt) (+1 Punkt)
  • Teile das Gewinnspiel über Twitter (+2 Punkte) *
  • Schreibe einen Blog-Post über dieses Gewinnspiel & benutze dabei das Banner oben (+5 Punkte)
  • Beantworte folgende Frage in den Kommentaren: Was ist dein Lieblingsbuch im Summer 2014? (+1 Punkt)

*Ihr könnt diesen Text täglich tweeten und Punkte dafür sammeln; die Beleglinks einfach unten in den Kommentaren angeben!

Damit ihr nicht alle Punkte selber zählen müsst, füllt einfach das Formular gleich unten aus. Dazu müsst ihr einfach die Beleglinks etc. angeben; ihr müsst aber ein Follower von meinem Blog sein, damit die Zusatzpunkte gewertet werden können.

Falls ihr irgendwelche Probleme mit dem Formular haben solltet, Fragen habt, Sachen nachträglich ändern wollt usw., schreibt entweder unten ein Kommentar oder schickt mir einfach eine Email an tessireysiia @ gmail . com (ohne die Lücken natürlich).

Das Kleingedruckte:

  • Das Gewinnspiel läuft bis zum 17. September 2014 Punkt Mitternacht. Da es ein kleines technisches Problem gab, wird das Gewinnspiel um einen Tag, d.h. bis zum Donnerstag, 18. September 2014. verlängert.
  • Mitmachen können weltweit alle Leser, die älter als 18 Jahre alt sind oder die Einverständniserklärung der Eltern besitzen. Ich bin nicht verantwortlich für Bücher, die auf dem Postweg verloren gehen. Der Rechtsweg ist ausgeschlossen.
  • Die Gewinner werden spätestens am 20. September 2014 schriftlich per Email benachrichtigt, die Namen werden auch hier auf dem Blog bekannt gegeben.
  • Die Gewinne werden innerhalb eines Monats nach der Bekanntgabe der Gewinne versendet.
  • Über die Gewinner entscheidet

Aber MOMENT, es gibt noch mehr Möglichkeiten, Preise zu gewinnen, nämlich (englische) Bücher und Lesezeichen. Um mitmachen zu können, müsst ihr einfach den Anweisungen im “Rafflecopter”-Formular oben folgen (hochscrollen). Und nun: JoshAcceptanceHasta la vista und viel Glück!!

Summer Hiatus + other random ramblings

I’ve tried to avoid this post but as you might’ve already guessed from the title, I’ll actually be going on a temporary two week hiatus from July 31 – August 15ish. After three weeks of working in an office (it was a summer job — I’m still a student!) me and my family are finally going on summer vacation — to an island in the north of Germany. I’m really looking forward to this since I’ll have lots of time to read books (for my own pleasure!) at the beach, and basically just having a good time with my family.

Of course, I already have some posts scheduled to release during those two weeks. Just don’t get mad if I don’t answer to your comments — it’s very unlikely I’ll have any chance to check back here on my blog since the place where I’m going to be won’t have any wifi or any kind of internet access .(As a side note — I just recently dropped my cell phone in water, so yeah.)

And sorry I’ve been kind of absent lately but I’ve been sick since the last few weeks. What exactly do I have you have, you wonder? Well, recently there’s been a heatwave in Germany (105°F +/40°C +) and of course I forgot to drink enough water. Silly, right? Anyways, as you’ve probably figured out, I got a sort-of-kind-of-circulatory-collapse — except I never really blacked out. Which on the other hand, resulted in nausea, sickness, severe dizziness, all kinds of headaches etc. . And this sucks. Like really hard. I also got an infusion in my arm and I was like “OMG Grey’s Anatomy and Scrubs is happening to me right now!!!”. But the story gets even better. On the day where I almost fainted I was jumping off a bridge. Wait, that sounds as if I were suicidal. Which I’m absolutely not, I swear!! What I meant to say is: Me and my friend were doing some kind of cliff diving (or bridge diving) at our local lake. So when it was time for me to cut surface again – which I did, but too fast – my equilibrioception was impaired somehow. And THIS absolutely sucks! I couldn’t see straight anymore. I felt like Katniss in The Hunger Games where she is stung by those tracker jackers, starts hallucinating, feels as if she couldn’t move anymore and seems to see things twice. (My doctor later found out that I suffered a concussion. Having a concussion = so not funny.) In other words, I felt really shitty. I couldn’t eat good food (which is like the end of the world for me) (I think I even started hallucinating about food in my bed). Anyway, if you’re still here, reading my little awkward tale — thank you, you’re kind of awesome!

In other news, I just recently realized my blog hit over 100 followers! Hooray!  There actually *might* be a little (or rather big) giveaway following soon, so please please stay tuned. I’ve already put the giveawy prizes together and there’ll be loads of signed stuff to give away. There’s actually also a current giveaway on my twitter account for a chance to win a signed Teardrop copy by Lauren Kate. Just click *here* and the link will lead you directly to the giveaway.

Anyway, see you in two weeks!

xo, Lillie

warum nur noch englisch gelesen wird


Beim Durchstöbern anderer Bücherblogs ist mir ein Trend aufgefallen: Häufig werden deutsche Bücher, bzw. deutsche Übersetzungen gar nicht mehr gelesen, sondern man greift kurzerhand zum englischen Original. Da ich mehrere Jahre in England und in der USA auf die Schule gegangen bin, ist es für mich nicht unüblich, eher auf englisch als auf deutsch zu lesen. Aber abgesehen davon – was sind die Gründe, dass, besonders unter Jugendlichen, deutsche Bücher nicht mehr gekauft werden? Doch vielleicht Mainstream oder was?

Das erste Mal, als ich einen nicht-deutschen Roman in Deutschland gekauft habe, war, als ich Clockwork Angel von Cassandra Clare gelesen habe und mit Schrecken festgestellt habe, dass der Folgeband erst in einem Jahr erscheinen würde. In der USA allerdings ist das Buch schon länger auf dem Markt gewesen – der Hauptgrund also, wieso ich damit angefangen habe, ist also schlicht und ergreifend die Tatsache, dass deutsche Verlage häufig sehr viel Zeit zum Übersetzen brauchen – wir armen deutschen Leser können also hm eierschaukeln hm nicht anders als seeehr lange warten.

Dann ist da natürlich der Geldaspekt. Normale Jugendromane kosten oft bis zu zwanzig Euro oder mehr – für ein armes Mädchen, das gerne shoppen geht und auch nicht so viel Taschengeld erhält nicht gerade ideal. In der Originalsprache sieht es schon total anders aus – der Preis geht meist bis auf eine einstellige Zahl zurück. Yeii.

Josephine Angelini ist einer meiner Lieblingsautoren. Ich L.I.E.B.E. ihre Göttlich-Serie. Band 1 wurde von mir brav auf deutsch gelesen. Bis ich ihr 1. und 2. Buch zufällig bei einem von ihr veranstalteten Gewinnspiel gewann; die Kopien waren natürlich auf englisch. Und ich las den 2. & 3. Band auf deutsch. Verglich. UND…..ein beachtlicher Teil des Charmes der Charaktere verschwand in der deutschen Ausgabe. Puff. Weg. Also: In Originalausgaben kommen Witze und so einfach viel besser rüber, weil der Schreibstil nicht irgendwie (zumindest leicht) verfälscht wird!

Und dann gibt’s ja noch die persönlichen Punkte. Ich bin ein Leser, der sich vom Cover beeinflussen lässt. Und Englische/Amerikanische sehen häufig einfach kreativer aus!

Ach, und bevor ich’s vergesse: Das Lesen englischer Bücher fördert den englischen Wortschatz ungemein! ☺



i’ve been both anxious and excited to share this new site with you guys as this is kind of my second run to start a new blog about books. i’ve also been holding back  to upload anything on this site as i wanted everything to be more or less settled before posting anything. so, voilà! i hope you’ll like this blog and enjoy reading my thoughts on books!