disclaimer & review policy

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog, I feel really flattered and super excited and happy and..you get what I mean. I’m currently accepting books for review again, so go ahead and shoot me a message!

Um auf die Rezensionsrichtlinien auf Deutsch zu kommen, bitte diesem Link folgen. Danke!

A note to blog visitors/authors/publishers

All reviews I write are unbiased and honest and reflect my own opinion only; I cannot, however, always guarantee a nice review. But I promise the book will be evaluated in a fair way.

It usually takes me up to 4-6 weeks to review a book, so if there is a special date you want me to post the review, please let me know in advance. This is a blog all about YA books, so obviously, I only read books within the YA genre. However, if you think your book is something I will still enjoy although it’s not YA (I do, for instance, switch to NA every once in a while), just send me an email anyway. I can also post the review in German (and on German book websites of course) upon request.

These are the genres I mostly read:
High Fantasy
Historical Fiction

If your book belongs to one of those genres mentioned above, simply send me an email: bookraptblog at gmail dot com

I accept books in the following formats:

Print (paperback/hardcover)
– eBook
– ARCs & eARCs

~ Please note that (1) I currently live in Germany and (2) since I get a lot of review requests, priority will be given to physical review copies. 

I will also accept self-published copies and Indie published books for review. Due to the high number of review requests I have gotten lately, I am afraid I will have to put review requests from Indie/self-published authors on a temporary hold. You can still send me an email but it is rather unlikely that I will accept. I also apologize in advance if you don’t get a reply straight away. I really appreciate your interest but I also want to be able to commit myself to writing the book review, which is very unlikely at the moment. You know, school, other prioritized reviews that have to be written, other books I want to read…

I am always thrilled to host author interviews, guest posts or giveaways. Again, just shoot me a message!

Thank you again for your interest in my blog!

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