about the girl

Whaaat?! So you really want to know more about me? I’m warning you, I’m really boring. (Plus, it’s super awkward to talk about myself.)


My name is Tessi and I’m in my fourth year of medical school. I used to have that dream of being a super book blogger and reading all the books, but with all my studies these days, I’m perfectly happy with the latter part only now. I created my first book blog probably around 2014 and it has gone through some name changes since. I’m happy to be back now after years of radio silence and I can’t wait to make this blog a little bit more personal than before.

Just upfront, I’m a book sniffer and lover of stars, infected with wanderlust.

Here are some fun facts about me:

  • I’m a German native but I was a student at an all-girl boarding school in England for many years. The school was located in such a remote rural area that my friends and I often made up stories to scare each other. The school building was very similar to Hogwarts!
  • The British food though…nah. I love Korean food, as well as Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese food (and many more, these are only the first cuisines that popped up in my head) and if I could, I would totally become a secret restaurant tester
  • I love bubble tea! Normally I just go with plain Oolong Milk Tea but I’m always open to new creations
  • My favourite season is spring. There is something about going out, breathing in the fresh air, seeing the flowers grow again. Hope.
  • Like any other person with a Chinese background, I love hot water. Did you know that people in East Asia have some of the highest incidents of oral cancer because they like their drinks hot?
  • I love pugs!
  • My all-time favourite book is probably The Night Circus — I generally have a soft spot for books that feature a circus.

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Want to know more? Have a question, suggestion, review request or simply just want to talk?  Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me here:

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You can always send me an email: bookraptblog at gmail dot com


18 thoughts on “about the girl

    • Same here!!!!! ♥ (Although I do have to say the series finale was a little bit disappointing. But I still love the series though!)
      But ehm, no. Nate is WAAAAAY hotter than Chuck Bass. Nate Archibald ftw!!! 😀 Oh, and Ed Westwick’s voice was soooo weird during the first seasons of Gossip Girl. I think he was trying to speak with a hoarse voice on purpose then to conceal his British accent but ultimately, it sometimes felt as if he was just mumbling around! 😀 It always sounds so strange when people from the UK try to speak with an ‘American accent’.


      • True. Oddly enough, Daniel Radcliffe sounds BETTER with an American accent IMO. I’m really looking forward to watching him in ‘Horns’. Normally his voice grates on me.

        I wish they hadn’t effectively cut Jenny out of the last couple of seasons of Gossip Girl. I think it was more to do with her music commitments? But I liked her character a lot!


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